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Yasar’s Kitchen is a hearty and welcoming restaurant in London that serves the authentic tastes of Istanbul and Anatolia’s cuisines.

Although our menu is more popular
with kebabs and seafood, we offer wide variety of healthy and vegetarian appetizers selected from
different regions of Turkey and Mediterranean cuisine.

Friendly atmosphere and staff, we treat people like part of the family!


Family run Turkish restaurant was established in 1976, Yasar’s kitchen has been serving Turkish food for
the last 44 years in Walthamstow.
Our food is healthy and flavorful, with a lot of Turkish and Mediterranean delicacies, our service is friendly
and professional and our atmosphere is lovely and transporting. Our location is ideal for tourists.
Whether you are on your own and are looking for a quick bite, or you want to spend time with your loved
ones, you will have a great time at Yasar’s Kitchen.

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